Senior Software engineer at Pathao Inc, love to spend time by learning new technology/architecture/design

Love to drink coffee, watch movies. In free time go to Cineplex and watch movies.. Recently in holidays I used to watch movies/tv series all the night at home. Trying to enjoy the life as it is.

I started programming with QBASIC and C language at college. After then started to learn different language like Visual Basic, Java, PHP, Golang, Javascript and different software related technologies like vps, docker, kubernetes, micro-services etc. As I love Golang more than any other programming language for now, most of the time I spent writing different services, packages in Go. I’m familiar with different php/JS/Golang libraries & frameworks like Laravel, Lumen, Codeigniter, jQuery, React, Vue.js, Gorilla mux, chi, echo, beego etc. Spending almost 14 Hrs a day with different tech stack, contributing/reading open source projects, reading articles some where in web. Always trying to learn “how to design better software”.

Open source contributions:

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Thank you very much for coming down here…